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Description :

Director of Music at St. Joe is expected to provide keyboard accompaniment to diverse group of musical volunteers many of whom do not read music for four weekend Masses, funerals, weddings, and other liturgical services throughout the year.  The Director of Music is not merely a supervisory position overseeing musicians.  It is a ministry of calling forth the skills and talents of mostly untrained but willing and dedicated volunteers and engaging the worshiping community in prayer through the gift of music.  It requires an ability to incorporate a range of styles and instruments including but not limited to keyboard, organ, and guitar.  The Director of Music, while not expected currently to be a trained liturgist, no less will be responsible for selecting and preparing music that is tied thematically with Roman Catholic Liturgical calendar/Sunday readings and guidelines; knowledge, familiarity, and experience of Roman Catholic Liturgy is an asset.  Most Masses will require a minimum of four to five hymns and various psalm and choral responses each week for three English Masses and one Spanish Mass; hymns and responses may/may not be common to all musical groups on a given weekend.  Groups include:  Adult Choir, Guitar Group, Coro and Youth Choir.  (Note: Youth Choir for this current year is singing only for Christmas but has previously provided music 2x per month during the school year.) Until this year we have also had an Angel Choir (Grades K-2) who met September- December and sang at one Mass with the Youth Choir in November and December and Christmas Eve.


Skill Sets:

  1. Ability to work with untrained volunteers and foster their development. Music groups are composed of ANY parishioner willing to sing regardless of vocal talent, ability to read music, or play an instrument.
  2. Strong Keyboard playing skills to play electric keyboard and electronic organ.
  3. Ability to sight read music.
  4. Ability to teach; musicians, choirs, and worshiping congregation.
  5. Ability to not provide just technically beautiful and accurate music, but to have a sense of the tempo and prayerfulness of the liturgical celebration.


  1. Provide keyboard accompaniment to one Saturday evening and two Sunday morning English speaking Masses and one early Sunday afternoon Spanish Mass.
  2. Provide music for funerals, weddings, Quinceaneras and other liturgical services (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, communal Reconciliation services, Sacramental celebrations {First Communion, Confirmation, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Day of the Dead, Annual Memorial Service, Annual Reconciliation service(s)) as needed and creating worship leaflets for them.
  3. Selects, plans/researches, copies, and develops music in accord with Roman Catholic liturgical year and Sunday readings.
    1. Pulls and prepares music for musicians (music files in the church)
    2. Files seasonal music after use; maintains music library and digital index
  4. Oversees, trains, rehearses all musical groups weekly.
  5. Develops musician’s schedule and insures it is posted to parish website and non-computer members are informed.
  6. Recruits, trains, rehearses periodic seasonal choirs (Christmas, Easter, Confirmation, etc.)
  7. Collaborates with clergy and volunteers including attending daytime monthly parish staff meetings.
  8. Works with Liturgy Commission and attends evening monthly Commission meeting.
  9. Ensures compliance with reprint/copyright laws and appropriate licensing of music in use.
  10. Works with Liturgy Commission and others in developing and submitting annual budget for music and administering budgeted funds.
  11. Assists in overseeing proper instruction, use, and maintenance of sound system/equipment.
  12. Must complete VIRTUS training and background check per diocese staffing policies.

Helpful Assets or Experience

  1. Experience working with choirs, musical groups in a church community.
  2. Familiarity with hymnals (Journey Songs; Celebrate, Worship II, Flor y Canto) that are in use in parish.
  3. Demonstrated willingness to improve knowledge and skills through reading, course work, and professional associations.
  4. Some basic experience with Spanish language and Latino cultures.
  5. Training or course work in Roman Catholic Liturgy or liturgical norms.
  6. Familiarity with wide spectrum of Catholic musical tradition from chant to contemporary.


Notations to Applicants

  1. Hired Director of Music will not be expected to be on site with regular office hours. O.M. will have the option to work from home except when providing accompaniment and doing rehearsals.  Office space, access, other office needs etc. to be assigned and finalized upon hiring.
  2. Rehearsals are scheduled for early in evenings 2-3 nights per week; some rehearsals are back to back.
  3. Additional details concerning expected hours, salary, etc. available to candidates when arranging for interviews.




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